What Is UniMsg?
UniMsg is a Bulk SMS sending program which transmits the desired message more effectively to the target audience over internet via Bulk E-Mail with the following privileges: creating and managing campaigns without the need for an additional program, go beyond the recipients list with its social network sharing feature, and measure the success of the messages sent with its effective reporting interfaces.
Who Can Benefit?
UniMsg is the ideal Bulk E-Mail sending service for all the small and big size companies that are willing to send campaign, announcement, notification, e-surveys, and etc. to thousands of customers directly and just in seconds.
Why to Use?
UniMsg is a Bulk E-Mail sending service which is provided by Turkey’s leading bulk SMS service provider, Mobildev, with the accumulation of 10 years’ industrial experience. It offers a complete solution for reaching your target audience with e-mail.
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Bulk E-Mail provided with UniMsg service is given for and on behalf of Turkcell İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.